Pride Pledge discussion and focus group

As with all social initiatives, the idea of making a public commitment to a set of explicit values is going to be contentious to some. Exactly how we choose to promote these ideas, grow the reach of the Pride Pledge and communicate and grow LGBTTQI+ visibility will also have its fair share of ups and downs.

By its very nature, the "Rainbow" community is diverse. So we can expect that there will be easy agreement on some issues, and others will cause their fair share of debate and discussion.

For this reason, we plan to have a number of forums during the year to hear what members of the community feel and where they would like to lend their support.

Growing visibility by supporting Winter Pride '18

One of the most obvious ways that we are supporting the growth of visibility is by working alongside Winter Pride and the Winter Pride Partners.

However, Winter Pride only lasts for 1 week of every year, and our values are more enduring than that. They are present every day of the year, everywhere we are.

Although pride festivals are important and are a key aspect of growing inclusion and tolerance in our community, there are a lot of other ways that we can work towards achieving improved visibility. The Pride Peldge initiative, community workshops and workplace training are a few other we have been giving serious consideration to.

Community based workshops

We have also started to role out community based workshops, focused on improving understanding of issues around gender and sexuality.

Currently, we offer LGBTTQI+ workshops to two key audiences: existing Winter Pride Partners and the broader business community. We hope to expand these workshops to help our workplaces and community to become more aware and toelrant of issues around gender and sexuality by assisting people to build awareness and understanding.

We will also be running a forum every 6 months (or there abouts) to help us work more closely within our local community in the Queenstwon Lakes District. Please feel free to register your interest by clicking on the link below.

Remember to take the pledge

And if you are interested in helping out, joining in the discussion or participating in some training, register your interest online and we will contact you.